HISWA 2018 was renewed. Why? The boat market changes and online is more important than ever.
Experience a new HISWA with everything in the field of water sports, lifestyle and recreation.

From maritime accessories to maintenance workshops, from navigation equipment to exhibition offers, the HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show had everything one could need to prepare for the next watersports season. Visitors who were looking for a new vessel found a wide array of launches, open sailboats, daysailers and speedboats, most of which were ready to immediately hit the water. And HISWA Funsports offered everything in the field of windsurfing, kitesurfing, Stand Up Paddling, wakeboarding and much more besides.

From Wednesday 6 to Sunday 10 March 2019, RAI Amsterdam will be the place to be for all watersports fans.


RAI Amsterdam
1078 GZ Amsterdam

Opening hours

Wednesday 6 March 11:00 - 18:00 hours
Thursday 7 March 11:00 - 22:00 hours
Friday 8 March 11:00 - 22:00 hours
Saturday 9 March 10:00 - 18:00 hours
Sunday 10 March 10:00 - 18:00 hours


- Watersports, Lifestyle and Recreation -
- An extensive range of boats shorter than 10 metres -
- A comprehensive selection of parts and accessories -
- Knowledge and information transfer via lectures and demonstrations -
- The latest developments and unique premiers -
- A vibrant watersports feel and plenty of fun water-related activities -

Exhibiting at HISWA 2019

HISWA 2019 offers you the perfect platform to showcase your products

- Meet 37.500+ watersports fans in just 5 days -

- 82% of the visitors own a boat -

- 62% are interested in parts & accessories -

- 52% of the visitors have purchase plans within one year -

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See the floor plan »

Tom Mous

Tom Mous

Sales Consultant


020 549 31 19

06 317 72 598

Floor plan

Visitors will find a complete overview of products, services and trends.

See the floor plan »


The layout of the exhibition will be arranged in different worlds


A varied range of launches, tenders, weekenders and trailers; including electric sailing pavilion.


A diverse offer of speed- and rubberboats, RIBs and outboard engines; including speedboat pavilion.

HISWA Sailing

A wide range of keel boats, daysailers, leeboard boats, open trailer-transportable boats, catamarans and trimarans; incl. a daysailer- , open sailboat- and sailingschools pavilion.


Large ‘shopping centre’ for direct sales, with a central catwalk for fashion shows and product presentations and lots of attractive exhibition offers; including the ‘shopping centre’ pavilion.

HISWA Parts & Accessoiries

Navigation, electronics, clothing, sails and deck fittings, inboard engines and maintenance; including maintenance pavilion and marina street.

HISWA Sport Xperience

Everything involving fun sports such as wind and kite surfing, wakeboarding, canoeing and Stand Up Paddling (SUPing); with even more demo activities in and around the Water Fun Zone!

Lifestyle & Recreation

A new world focused on the holiday market, charters, lifestyle, recreation and outdoor sports.

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